One of the most interesting aspects of Roam is how it allows the effective implementation of different idea frameworks. This is something I will be covering in more detail in the future.

Here are three idea frameworks to start off with.

Building a Second Brain

The concept of a second brain, an external brain that stores knowledge and that is used in tandem with one’s biological brain, is a concept that has been popularised by Tiago Forte.

He gives a summary of his Building a Second Brain ideas here –

Maggie Appleton, a talented designer, has created a series of sketchnotes that summarise the Building a Second Brain course –

Note-taking and the Zettelkasten system

You can find out more about using Roam for note-taking on the Roam Note-taking page.

Tiago Forte has created a summary of Sonke Ahrens’ book  How To Take Smart Notes, which builds on Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten system. The summary can be found here –

This article by David Clear is another excellent introduction to the Zettelkasten system –

Spaced repetition

You can find out more about using Roam for note-taking on the Roam Spaced repetition page.

Scientist Michael Nielsen has written a powerful article on the importance of remembering knowledge for successful creativity and thinking and how spaced repetition works as a technique for building memory –

Anki is the app he uses for spaced repetition.