There are  now an increasing number of courses available for learning how to use Roam. Please let us know if we have missed any via the Contact form.

Free courses
General courses
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Free courses

Shu Omi’s Roam Research Guide

Shu Omi is a data scientist and writer who has produced some excellent videos on Roam. He has now packaged his videos into a free course on Roam which can be watched on his website via the YouTube course playlist. The videos require some existing knowledge of how to use Roam.

Andy Henson’s Effective Note-Taking With Roam Research Course

Andy Henson has created a free 14-day email course that provides a comprehensive introduction to using Roam. It starts off with the most basic instructions and features. Along the way, the course provides lots of useful tips and tricks and then ends with more advanced concepts and use cases. You can sign up for it here.

Cortex Futura’s Roam in Context

Learn the basic features of Roam Research from seven different perspectives: Note-Taking, Writing, Research & Academia; Task Management, Project Management, Journaling and Decision Making. Each context of use comes with its own section in the course. In each section, you will learn the basic features of Roam with examples from that context, allowing you to immediately apply the lessons without any friction. Find the courses here.

Marc Koenig’s 100 ROAM TIPS: Beginner to Advanced in 25 Minutes Course

Marc shows you how to go from a Roam Research beginner to veteran with 100 tips. The video includes time stamps for all the tips. Marc also includes a link for updates and amendments as the Roam landscape is constantly changing. You can watch Marc’s video here.

Mark McElroy’s 60 Seconds to Roam

Mark McElroy’s video series is for the absolute beginner. Each episode explores an essential concept from Roam Research in 60 seconds or less. The videos can be viewed here.

Jamie Miles’s Roam Untangled FOR ROAM SCHOLARS ONLY

Roam Untangled is 100% free for Roam Scholars. Jamie was a Roam Scholar and credits Roam with helping him bounce back after losing his job. The course preview can be found here and follow this link to sign-up

Jamie Miles’s Roam Untangled Lite

Jamie has created a 90-minute course, broken down into 10 micro-lessons, that cover all the Roam essentials. His use-case driven online course focuses on the 20% of features that will get you 80% of the benefits. Begin Jamie’s course here.

General courses

Jason Griffing’s Vanilla Roam

Jason’s course is designed to help you hit the ground running with Roam Research. Using only Roam’s native features, the course explores simple methods you can use right away to build powerful personal knowledge management and productivity system with Roam. Find out more here.

Jamie Miles’s Roam Untangled

Jamie offers an upgrade to his Roam Untangled Lite course. The paid upgrade covers workflow for producing original written content faster while being process light: Capture ? Synthesis ? Publish.  Find the paid version here.

RJ Nestor’s Your Road to Roam course

RJ Nestor’s course teaches the nuts and bolts of Roam Research’s powerful features and helps learners to develop their own unique Roam Research workflow, based on their interests and needs. Find out more here.

Eduard Vinyamata‘s Roam Masterclass

Eduard has created a comprehensive course to help you master the use of Roam Research. The course is updated as Roam adds new features and functions. You can try the first 3 lessons for free. And if you buy the rest of the Masterclass and don’t like it, you get a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. Enroll for the course here.

Nat Eliason’s Effortless Output with Roam

Nat Eliason was an early user of Roam and he produced the first course on using Roam.  He’s recently updated his course to version 2. The contents include:

  • mastering the basics
  • building and organizing your database
  • managing your projects
  • creating new works

Find out more here.

Shu Omi’s Roam course for Japanese speakers

Shu Omi has also created a course for Japanese speakers that covers both basic and advanced uses of Roam. Find out more here.

Mickmel Academy’s Making the most of Roam Research course

Through a set of videos, you’ll gain a full understanding of the various pieces of Roam and how they all tie together in a way that flows seamlessly throughout your day. Find out more here.

Specific courses

Maarten van Doorn’s Academic Mastery with Roam

Maarten wrote most of his PhD in 10 months using the methods you’ll learn in his course. He has performed many 1-on-1 coaching sessions teaching students to upgrade their knowledge work and is now sharing these tested methods with everyone. In this comprehensive 6-unit curriculum, Maarten will teach you how to learn more, connect deeper, and write better with the most advanced techniques for knowledge work. Find out more about the curriculum and register here.

Lukas Kawerau’s Cite to Write 

Lukas Kawerau, a German PhD student, has developed the Cite to Write course for people who want to use Roam for academic knowledge management. The goal is to help participants accelerate their writing by using Roam to give them fast access to everything they’ve ever read and to reduce the work involved in pulling together the right sources and references. Find out more here.

Lukas has written a blog post for RoamBrain describing how Roam can be used for academic research: In search of the Literature X-ray: Using Roam in academic research.

Tracy Winchell’s Roaman Journaling for Self-Awareness & Growth 

In this course, Tracy Winchell explains how to use Roam’s special features to help you improve your self-awareness and help you achieve desired changes in behavior.

She shows how to use Roam to leverage “the power of networked thoughts between our past and current selves as a tool for becoming the person you want to be”. Find out more here.

Tracy Winchell’s 5 Days to Roam: A Journaling Mini-Course

This course will teach you how to build your journaling practice with one lesson per day for five days. You will learn how to construct your morning journaling routine,  setup your Daily Notes Page and design writing prompts and templates to enable you to “build a better you today.”  Tracy, a long time journaler and non-techie Roaman, will help you turn gratitude to action and use what you learn to design your next 30 day journaling plan in Roam Research. Sign up for the course here.

Lisa-Marie Cabrelli’s Magical Academic Note-taking

The course has been created by Lisa-Marie Cabrelli for people who are writing a dissertation or a thesis. She states the course will “teach you how to use Roam Research and a set of tried and true academic writing processes to create magical, time-traveling Smart Notes. You will have fun with your research when you know how to effectively and efficiently collect, curate, synthesize and create.” Find out more here.

Mike Giannulis’s Copywriter Brain

Copywriter Brain is a course designed by Mike Giannulis to make copywriting, content, and marketing research easier through streamlining the note-taking process. The process is based around using Roam. Find out more here.