Lukas KaweruIn search of the Literature X-ray: Using Roam in academic research
An exploration of how Roam can help academics with some of the challenges academics face when thinking through the state-of-the art of their field.

Wess DanielsUsing Roam in academia
A specially-written article for RoamBrain on how Wess uses Roam for research, writing, preparing classes and other academic work – and how he also incorporates Building a Second Brain concepts such as PARA and progressive summarization.

Elizabeth Van Nostrand – Epistemic (Spot Check?): The Fate of Rome Round 2
A fascinating look at Elizabeth’s process for checking claims made in a book. The Roam page she used can be found here –

Elizabeth’s approach is discussed by Stian Håklev in a RoamBrain blog post here –


Stian Håklev has recorded a video on how he has reproduced his PhD research workflow in Roam.


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