The battle of the Roam courses is well and truly on. (Links to the other Roam courses can be found here.)

Anonym.s has just started releasing the videos from his free YouTube course From Beginner to Superuser: A Complete Roam Tutorial Course.

The playlist can be found by clicking on the button below.

'From Beginner to Superuser' playlist

The course looks very comprehensive. Most of the videos released so far cover the basic functionality of Roam.

However the topics he will go on to cover include:

  • project management
  • task management and productivity
  • goal management
  • the weekly review
  • personal knowledge management
  • spaced repetition
  • writing in Roam.

The course introductory video can be viewed below.

The Table of Contents with links to the videos released so far can be found here.

This is a list of all the videos included in the course.

0. Introduction
0.1: A Possible Day in Roam Research
0.2: Welcome and Table of Contents

1. Basic Functionality of Roam
1.1: Creating Your First Database
1.2: Basic Database Layout
1.3: Help Menu
1.4: Basics of Tags, Backlinks and Pages
1.5: Unlinked References
1.6: Creating Shortcuts and the Navigation Bar
1.7: Soft Line Breaks & Cmd-shift-v
1.8: The Sidebar
1.9: Filtering Pages
1.10: Block References & Block Embeds
1.11: The Date Picker
1.12: The Backslash Function
1.13: A Brief Word on Attributes
1.14: Keyboard Shortcuts, Part I
1.15: Keyboard Shortcuts, Part II

2. Quick Capture
2.1: Introduction to Quick Capture
2.2: Adding Roam to your iOS Home Screen
2.3: iOS Text Expansion

3. Setting up Your Database: Project Management
3.1: Project Management, Part I
3.2: Project Management, Part II
3.3: Setting up Your Templates Page

4. Setting up Your Database: Task Management & Productivity
4.1: Task Management in Roam, Part I
4.2: Task Management in Roam, Part II
4.3: An Update on Task Management
4.4: Pinning Tasks to the Live List
4.5: Capturing Email URLs in Roam
4.6: Individual Sprints in Roam
4.7: Habit Tracking in Roam
4.8: Don’t Break the Chain

5. Setting up Your Database: Goal Management
5.1: Introduction to Goal Management
5.2: Goal Management in Roam, Part I
5.3: Goal Management in Roam, Part II

6. Setting up Your Database: The Weekly Review
6.1: The Weekly Review, Part I
6.2: The Weekly Review, Part II

7. Setting up Your Database: Personal Knowledge Management
7.1: Importing Articles into Roam
7.2: Importing Kindle Highlights into Roam
7.3: Physical Books vs. Kindle Highlights
7.4: Optimizing Your Database to Store Knowledge
7.5: Introduction to Zettelkasten and Why It Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard
7.6: Zettelkasten in Roam, Part I
7.7: Zettelkasten in Roam, Part II

8. Setting up Your Database: Spaced Repetition
8.1: Spaced Repetition in Roam
8.2: Setting up your Master List
8.3: Spaced Repetition for Students
8.4: Spaced Repetition to Optimize Article Processing/PKM

9. Writing in Roam
9.1: Using the Daily Pages
9.2: Moving Between Tags and Zettelkasten to Create Content

10. Miscellaneous
You’ll see.