Shu Omi (@ShuOmi3)  is a data scientist and writer who has produced some excellent videos on Roam. His particular skill is in producing practical, concise videos on the different ways of using Roam.

He has now packaged his videos into a free course on Roam covering productivity, learning and personal knowledge management, which can be watched on his website here –

Among the topics he covers include:

  • a simple explanation of the Zettelkasten learning system
  • how to take smart notes in Roam
  • how to create a habit tracker in Roam
  • setting goals in Roam
  • using Roam as a daily journal
  • setting up a master task list in Roam
  • using Roam for time management
  • using Roam for spaced repetition
  • combining note-taking and spaced repetition.

The videos can also be watched via the YouTube course playlist –

At the moment, the YouTube playlist seems to be slightly more up-to-date than the course page on Shu’s website.